Spring Evangelistic Meetings (April 7th – 10th)

  • Sunday, April 7th
    10 am Combined Adult SS
    11 am Worship Service
    6pm Evening Service
  • Monday, April 8th
    Ladies Banquet @ 6:30pm
    Sign up and tickets available
  • Tuesday, April 9th
    Men’s BBQ @ 6:30pm
    Sign up and tickets available
  • Wednesday, April 10th
    Family night @ 7pm
    Everyone in auditorium

Prayer Requests

Tom Rose (Recovering from surgery)
Angie Schultz
Jean Pittman (Recovering from heart attack)
Mike Pierce
Joyce Colvard (Cancer)
Stoney Ellis (Bladder cancer)
Judy Gandy (Cancer)
Braylee Callahan
Blake Groce (Recovering from surgery)
Virginia Shoaf
Mason Cooper (Cancer)
Ward Perrell, Jr. (Recovering from surgery)
Eddie Gray (Alzheimer’s)
Sharon Conrad
Rick Harris (COPD)
Dawn Putman (Cancer treatments)
Jackie Jones (Cancer treatments)
George Huffman
Barry Miller (Cancer treatments)
Craig Koonts
Tommy Smith
Jamie McGlamery (Pancreatic cancer)
Brian Mobley
Sherry Dean
Lora Mobley (Rehab)
Brenda Miller
Pam Starbuck
Destanie Sharrone (Cancer)
Barbara Lanier (Cancer)
Wendy Motsinger
Nell Benoist
Bonnie Mercier (Cancer)
Dwain Jones (Cancer)
Julia Ingersoll
Lula Smith (Health needs)
Peggy Weaver (Health needs)
Courtney Garner
Ruby Leonard (Cancer)
Garrett Berkley
Eston Craven (Cancer)
Stacey Harpe-Hall
Arlene Harris
Tanner Koonts
Eva Younts
Linda Napier
Mike Conrad
Josephine Sink
Joanne Sweatt
Betty Weaver (Medical needs)
Pauline Young (Nursing home facility)
Ben Horner (Salvation)
Mack Mobley (Salvation)
Bill & Curtis Torrence (Salvation)
Traci Sale and family (Salvation)
Patricia & Brandon Johnson (Salvation)
Billie Walton (Salvation)
Arlie Brown (Salvation)
Don, Scott & Michael Mauldin (Salvation)
Jim Poole (Salvation)
Bill Fleming & family (Salvation)
Richard & Doreen Luhrs (Salvation)
David Lloyd & family (Salvation)
John, Lisa & Sam Suykerbuyk (Salvation)
Robyn Cosgriff (Salvation)
Ted Clayton (Salvation)
Brian & Shannon Benfield (Spiritual needs)
Rick and Arlene Renaud (Salvation)
Suad Jakupovic (Salvation)
Kelly Gilliand & family
Clyde Hoffman Family/Lois Hoffman, Jonathan
Zach Brewer Family
Evangelistic Meetings with Ron DeGarde
(April 7th -10th)
Thomas Simpson (Pastoral Internship)
Gavin Swicegood (Deployment to Kuwait)