Prayer Requests

Trey McKinney (Surgery October 2nd)
Tim Lawrence (Cancer)
Clara Love (Recovering from surgery)
Whitney Moorefield (Recovering from virus)
Bryan Owens (Recovering from virus)
Jackie Berrier (Recovering from knee surgery)
Gene Gobble
Mildred Love (Pain in arm)
Dwain Jones
Krissy Belcher (Pancreatic cancer)
Andy Foster (Cancer/salvation)
Julia Ingersoll (Recovering from surgery)
Teresa Bourne (Back pain)
Charlotte Harrison (Recovering from back surgery)
Isabel Ramirez (Health)
Jenny Bowles (Cancer)
June Koontz (Health)
Gary Miller (Upcoming back surgery)
Larry Jones (Cancer)
Lula Smith (Health needs)
Peggy Weaver (Health needs)
Ian Romaine (Brain tumor)
Kim Cunningham (Cancer)
Courtney Garner
Gary Blakely (Cancer)
Vickie Lambeth
Mary Ann Swisher (Cancer treatments)
Paige Bailey (Back pain)
Melba Dean Smith
Ruby Leonard (Cancer treatments & health needs)
Garrett Berkley
Rita Welborn (Cancer treatments)
Troy Brock (Cancer treatments)
Eston Craven (Cancer treatments)
Stacey Harpe-Hall
Arlene Harris
Gavin Hill (Cancer treatments)
Craig Koonts
Tanner Koonts
Wendy Motsinger
Nancy Perrell
Carol Richards (Recovering from arm surgery)
Linda Napier
Mike Conrad
Cora McMahan (Nursing home facility)
Josephine Sink
Joanne Sweatt
Kelly Thomason (Medical needs)
Carolyn Vestal
Betty Weaver (Medical needs)
Pauline Young (Nursing home facility)
Bill & Curtis Torrence (Salvation)
Traci Sale and family (Salvation)
Patricia & Brandon Johnson (Salvation)
Billie Walton (Salvation)
Arlie Brown (Salvation)
Don, Scott & Michael Mauldin (Salvation)
Jim Poole (Salvation)
Bill Fleming & family (Salvation)
Richard & Doreen Luhrs (Salvation)
David Lloyd & family (Salvation)
John, Lisa & Sam Suykerbuyk (Salvation)
Robyn Cosgriff (Salvation)
Ted Clayton (Salvation)
Brian & Shannon Benfield (Spiritual needs)
Rick and Arlene Renaud (Salvation)
Suad Jakupovic (Salvation)
Robin Dean
Kelly Gilliand & family
Tim Jenkins Family / Tony & Anita Paige
Deborah Jordan Family