Dear Reedy Creek Church Family,

I trust this letter finds you and your family well. These past several months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been challenging for our world, our country, our state, our city and our church. Yet through it all we can testify of God’s abiding faithfulness, His promised peace and His sustaining grace. I rejoice that, to date and to my knowledge, no one within our church family has dealt directly with the virus. God has been good to us, and we have much to be thankful for.

The Lord has allowed us to meet outdoors for the last number of weeks, and He has blessed us with rain-free weather during our drive-in services as well. Thank you for your flexibility and faithfulness during these unique days. Our attendance has held steady with guests in attendance, our services have encouraged hearts, our giving has been generous, and our outreach efforts have been well received in the community. But as many of you have well expressed, I too have missed our regular times of gathering together for corporate worship and mutual edification through congregational singing and small group Bible study along with the Christian fellowship that we enjoy as a church family. We are now holding an 11am worship service in our church auditorium.

We want this to be a time of great rejoicing as we gather back together again, but we also want it to be done decently and in order for the safety and well-being of all who attend. Here are some ways you can plan and prepare to help as you attend this Sunday:

1. Please practice social distancing upon arriving on the church property. This includes the parking lot, church entrance and lobby as well as the auditorium itself.
2. Please enter through the main front church doors. The education building will remain closed, and the side doors of the church office lobby are designated for handicap entrance only.
3. Please sit as family units in the auditorium. We will only be utilizing every other pew for social distancing purposes. The rows that are closed will be clearly marked. Thank you for adhering the signs.
4. Please allow our younger families with small children to occupy the back rows of the auditorium. This will allow them quick access to the cry room, lobby or bathroom should their child have need. We will not be offering nursery or children’s classes at this time.
5. Please do not pick up a hymnal. Our songs will be sung either by memory or with the aid of the projection system. Also, the offering plates will not be passed but rather placed at the entrances and exits for your use.
6. If you are ill (fever, cough, cold, sneezing, etc.), we will kindly ask you not to attend the indoor service out of deference to others. If you are elderly with an underlying health concern, we would advise you to consider wisely the potential risk of exposure in attending. No one is obligated to be in the service, but neither will anyone be turned away.
7. If you feel better protected by wearing a face mask, that is perfectly acceptable, but a mask is not required to attend the service.
8. We will continue transmitting our service live on FM 87.9 for those who would prefer to remain in their vehicles in the church parking lot.
9. The church lobby bathrooms will be open, but we ask that they only be used if urgent need arise.
10. At the conclusion of the service, please use the exits at the front of the auditorium (piano and organ sides). We will further ask that any fellowship time be done outdoors and at a proper social distance.

We look forward with great anticipation to seeing your smiling faces this weekend and singing God’s praises together once again as a church. Have a safe and wonderful week, and we will see you on Sunday!

Warmly in Christ,

Pastor Ben Farrell

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